Today’s buyers, when choosing building and finishing materials, impose stringent requirements on the environment, safety, durability and aesthetics. From this point of view, the best material is natural wood. That is why more and more people are eager to use this natural, warm and beautiful material.
The tree has a set of excellent qualities: soundproof, low thermal conductivity, durability. It is an environmentally friendly material, gives the interior an atmosphere of comfort, reliability and tranquility. The tree is always warm, hygienic and durable. It fills the house with a delicate natural aroma, purifies the air and gives vitality. And this is so necessary in the daily bustle, when one’s own calmness and good mood are much more important than all the modern benefits of civilization.
The Russian forest industry has always been famous for the strongest players not only in domestic but also in foreign markets. Such “forest giants” are often an order of magnitude superior to competitors in their industry, breaking into leading positions in Russia, after which they proudly carry the title of the largest woodworking company in the country.

ELBERT TADING LIMITED is currently collaborating with leading companies in Japan and China.

Our company is an official supplier of several end customers and traders in Japan. We are ready to purchase lumber on an ongoing basis in an amount of up to 20,000 cubic meters per month. Delivery Terms: CFR Niigata Port.

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